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Facts to Know to Impress Moldova Women

When you go traveling, it’s nice to know things about the country you intend to visit. If you’re planning to go to Moldova, you might want to know some of its most fascinating facts to impress Moldova women, if only because being well-informed about someone’s home country is considerable flattery. Read on below to learn more about this small country in Europe.

Moldova ladies

  1. It has the least tourists.

Europe is known to house a significant number of tourists since it has Paris and England. However, not all places in Europe catch the eye of tourists. Moldova is an example, having the least number of visits among the countries in the world. The good thing here is that if you only prefer meeting locals, such as Moldova girls and boys, then Moldova is the place to go.

  1. Its known for its wine.


If there’s only one thing you should know about Moldova, it’s the fact that it produces a wine like no other country in the world. If you happen to talk to Moldavian girls, you’ll know that they do have a thing for wine.

  1. It has the worlds most extensive cellar.

According to Guinness World Records, it has the world’s most extensive cellar, the Mileștii Mici, which is not surprising since wine is its most known product. The wine cellar is so large that it has two million bottles of wine inside. If you ever go on Moldova dating, this is one of the sites to visit.

  1. Russia banned its wine.


Moldova used to supply Russia of wine. However, because of a dispute that happened in 2006, Russia banned all products made by Moldova.

  1. It places second in the list of countries with most alcohol.

It has the second largest number of people drinking alcohol and alcohol being consumed in the world, as stated by the World Health Organization. This is except for underage citizens. If you’re looking for Moldovan girl for marriage, better know how to handle your booze.

  1. It has National Wine Day.

It’s not very surprising to find out that Moldova has a National Wine Day. This is celebrated from October 3 to October 4, and during these two days, wine producers let the masses have a taste of their wine for a much lower price.

  1. It had no president for three years.

It’s quite hard to imagine a country without any figure of the leader, but Moldova did it, and it did it for three years. They only had a president back in 2012, when the country elected judge Nicolae Timofti to be the president.

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  1. Most Moldovans can speak two or more languages.

Each country has a native language – Romanian in Moldova’s case – but not all countries can speak two or more words. This is another interesting fact about Moldova. Some people in the country can talk to Romanian as well as Russian and Gagauz. If you speak these languages, try talking to people in Moldova dating sites and see for yourself.

  1. Its second language can soon be a dead language.

Moldova’s second language, Gagauz, is an endangered language, according to UNESCO. The language is typically spoken in the Autonomous Region of Gagauz, but it can soon be a dead language if the number of people speaking it continuously reduces.

  1. It has a head-turning town, Gypsy Hill.

Moldova is not the wealthiest country in the world. It may well be considered as one of the poorest. Despite that, it houses a town called Gypsy Hill, where the affluent show off their extravagant homes that will surely entice Moldova brides.

  1. Its capital experienced a lot.

In June 1940, Chisinau, the country’s capital, got invaded by the Red Army. In October of the same year, it got destroyed by an earthquake with a 7.3 magnitude. In the year after, it was blown by Luftwaffe.

  1. It has a human-made beach.

The country is landlocked, which means that it almost has no seaport, aside from the stretch in the River Danube they got from the territorial exchange they did with Ukraine in 2005. The country does have a beach; it’s a human-made beach, but a beach nevertheless. It’s located in Chisinau. If you want to meet some cute Moldova babes, go to this beach to enjoy the sunshine.

  1. It is home for a world champion weightlifter.

Moldova is the home country of Nicolae Birliba. Birla is a 9-time world champion in weightlifting, having lifted a 16kg of the kettlebell, not once, but 2,575 times in 2011. Familiarize yourself with him because he surely is one of the country’s feelings of pride.

  1. Shoes are not allowed inside the house.

Aside from fun facts, it’s also essential to know some of their customs. One significant tradition of Moldova is that they do not allow shoes inside their homes. There’s no need to worry should you ever get invited to one of the houses in the country as they provide guests with in-house slippers.

  1. Christmas is its most beautiful time of the year.

Its most celebrated holiday is Christmas, which means that should you want to spend your Christmastime overseas, you can do so in Moldova without leaving behind the spirit of Christmas. Also, do know that they have their version of Santa Claus – Mos Craciun, so if Moldova ladies ever mention the name, you know whom they’re talking about.


The country may be small, but it sure has a lot to offer. These fascinating facts and more will surely make your visit to the country extra beautiful.

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The Seasons of Dating: How Dating Moldova Women are Affected by Changing Seasons

Did you know that seasons – winter, spring, summer, and fall – can affect your love life when dating Moldova women? Well, now you do.

Although the term “cuffing season” refers to winter, studies show that people are actually more likely to look for a romantic partner in the summer. So, it appears that the cuffing season occurs more than once every year.

In fact, each season impacts your love life. Previous studies have shown that people are less likely to break up in summer, while a large percentage of breakups occur after Valentine’s Day and right before Christmas.

Are the “Seasons of Dating” a Thing?

The effects of seasons on dating are even more prominent in Moldova dating because the Eastern European country has a continental climate with extremely cold winters and very warm summers.

If you look at the dynamics of seasonal changes in the popularity of Moldova dating sites, you might notice that dating is very cyclical and linked to the changing seasons. Your clothes aren’t the only thing that changes with each season. Your likelihood of getting into a relationship or, on the contrary, breaking up with Moldavian girls also depends on what time of the year it is.

In short, women in Moldova are more likely to start dating someone when the temperatures drop in winter to dissipate the boredom of the cold months and keep themselves warm when the temperatures begin to drop during the so-called cuffing season.

That is not to say, however, that you won’t be able to find a Moldovan girl for marriage in summer.


As the temperatures begin to drop and winter is just around the corner, an increasing number of Moldova ladies turn to online dating sites to look for a partner until it becomes too cold.

With Newsweek calling fall “the best time to start a relationship,” many singles launch an active search of love to find a partner to make their cold winter months more bearable.

This is the time of year when women are less picky about the choice of their partner, though, unfortunately, it often means pairing up with the wrong person.


The winter brings the full-blown cuffing season, with many Moldova brides looking for a partner to be “cuffed down” in a relationship.

Although some relationship experts and psychologists say cuffing seasons are usually associated with short-term relationships, that’s not always the case.

A groundbreaking study from 2008 showed that, surprisingly, men find female bodies more alluring in the winter.

Women tend to react to winter in two different ways. One group of women will begin an active search to find someone to keep them warm when no one wants to go outside anymore. The other group, meanwhile, see the winter as an opportunity to take a break from dating and be less demanding about their appearance and more flexible with their free time (meaning: less shaving and makeup, more chocolate and TV).

However, it’s worth saying that despite her desire to stay indoors and avoid going out in dozens of layers of clothing, a woman from the second group may still be active on online dating sites to look for someone who can make her winter months more fun.


Yes, everyone is a little bit happier when the sun finally comes out of the clouds after a long winter. This phenomenon is especially prominent in Moldova, where people get excited about being able to strip away dozens of layers of clothing and wear something more revealing.

The rising temperatures are also associated with more people exploring their potential dating opportunities as an increasing number of men and women go out when the weather heats up.

Many relationship experts call it the “spring fever,” as there is something about this season that feels full of possibilities and optimism.

Online dating sites notice an uptick in online dating activity during spring as well, as people finally realize what they have been missing during the winter and are looking to catch up.


Summer is arguably the most controversial season for dating because this season is associated with short-term flings and casual dating.

However, there is nothing wrong with that, according to psychologists. In fact, some say summer flings are actually good for your health. There is an abundance of skin-revealing dresses and women wearing the least amount of clothing possible, which is why this season is also associated with breakups and divorces.

After all, some men just cannot resist the temptation to flirt with women wearing bikinis, shorts, and revealing tops. Those who enter the summer as singles are more lucky because they have a wide assortment of Moldova women to choose from.

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What’s the Best Season for Dating?

So, what is the best season for starting a relationship? There is no universal answer to that question because it depends on your current relationship status, your goals for the season, and how the weather affects your hormone levels.

Previous studies have shown that the change in seasons has a major effect on our mood and hormones. If you want to date a Moldova beauty, don’t wait for some “magic” time of the year.

There is an abundance of single Moldavian women to choose from on dating sites all year round, which means you don’t have to check what month of the year it is on the calendar to measure your level of success on dating sites.

Get to know more about the Moldova women dating, you can go to the, which provides many dating helpful suggestion about dating Moldova brides, and other European women.

Come Closer to Moldova Women-Online Dating Guidelines

It’s what Moldova women look like!

When talking about single beauties with delicate face and charming figure, single men usually say “Russian girls definitely!” without any hesitation. While do you know that Moldova women also meet the demand?!

For Moldova is a smart country in the world, it’s easily forgotten by people on this planet. With an entire country population of just over 3.5 millions, many western travelers haven’t even heard of it, not mention going there with great interest!

But, it’s worthy of going for below several reasons:

  1. Moldova – it’s a good place to keep yourself a peace of mind. Unlike those tourist attractions, you might be the only foreigner there at many points in the year. That’s a good opportunity to immerse yourself in a unknown culture.
  2. You obtain a chance to look back in time to true Soviet architecture and culture!
  3. It’s Moldova women who are so beautiful, sweet and definitely curious about foreigners.
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Features of Moldova Women

You should remember that Moldova women are indeed Eastern European women. They’re truly the cream of the crop on this planet.

Moldova ladies are stunning! In general, they features high cheekbones, long straight hair and slim bodies, which makes them feminine and physically attractive. Just one look, you can’t easily erase them from your head, very impressive!

Have a Deeper Look into Moldova Girls

Find available Moldova beauty to date on Moldova dating site!

Moldova girls and women care a lot about their appearance. They prefer elegant casual wear, certainly studs, platforms and just high heels. For this reason, they always look charming and impressive, as if just came out from the beauty salon. Every Moldova woman always remember to be a delicate beauty!

Most of Moldova women are well-educated in modern society. They’re beautiful, feminine, hardworking and strike to build a strong family. Moldovan women could be good housewives! They pay a lot of attention to the kitchen. If you get married to a Moldovan woman, you would definitely feel happy! Every time when you come home from busy work, tired, your Moldova bride will prepare very tasty properly cooked polenta with grilled river fish, amazing deputy with chicken, also a traditional Moldavian soup, or others. You would be surprised by the versatile food! With a Moldova girl at home, everything is perfectly prepared for she just wants her honey to live in a house with a special warm atmosphere. Seen from this perspective, Moldova women are every man’s dream!

Where to Find Moldova Bride?

Sign up Moldova dating sites to seek your dream Moldova bride!

Well, there are different ways to reach Moldova women. You can choose to fly a long distance to Moldova to meet them. But considering the high cost of air tickets and accommodation, it’s not that worthwhile. Maybe you could try online dating websites which are very popular in recent years! A simple registration could lead to you different kinds of Moldova women available to date or ready for a long-term relationship. With years of development, online dating sites are now very matured and trusted! The premise is that you find an available site to begin with. Here, and are highly recommended since they both get very good user feedback on the internet. (You can click the links to know more about these two dating sites.)

How Much Will It Cost to find a Moldova Bride?

Dating Moldova women on Moldova dating sites!

It’s a frequently asked question by most single men seeking Moldova women online, especially western single females. Upon this question, we can’t give a specific answer since the situation differs per person. And different dating sites have different payment systems. Some of them are membership-based website; while some are credits-based. It’s easy to understand the word “Membership Paid”. For the latter one, it charges users via credits. All paid services are priced by credits. You just need to use the ones based on your needs. And also, the time for every person to successfully find the match differs. Just remember, make clear that what kind of Moldova women do you like and be patient, sincere and smart when using the Moldova dating sites to find Moldova bride. Once found anything suspicious, contact the customer service team and report immediately, so as to avoid getting scammed.