Moldova Culture & Customs

Before getting to know Moldova women, get to know Moldova culture and customs first!

Moldovan Wedding – Moldovan Bride and Groom
Moldovan Wedding
Moldovan traditional food: Dishes. Perhaps the best known Moldovan dish is a well-known Romanian dish, mămăligă (a cornmeal mush or porridge). This is a staple polenta-like food on the Moldovan table, served as an accompaniment to stews and meat dishes or garnished with cottage cheese, sour cream, or pork rind.

4 Foods You Must Try in Moldova:


Sarmale (sar-moll-ayy) is a typical Moldovan dish that also appears in many other parts of the world in slightly different varieties. The most common type of sarmale I have encountered in Moldova is cabbage leaves or peppers, stuffed with seasoned rice, mixed with chopped peppers, carrots and a few other vegetables, then baked in oil for a few hours.


Mamaliga (mama-leegah) is the Moldovan equivalent of cornbread – a much wetter cornbread.


Zeama (Zama) is a traditional Moldovan soup made and eaten year-round, usually for lunch.


Placinta (pronounced pla-chin-ta) is everywhere in Moldova. Its impossible to miss; in just about every alimentara (convenience store), it’s the equivalent of a 7-11 hot dog – a cheap on-the-go snack. But that’s just the storebought version; this traditional dish is also a staple in every masa (large celebratory meal) in Moldova.