Meeting Moldova Women – How to Get Her to Message You Back

Moldova women are known worldwide for their breathtaking beauty and amazing personalities. After all, the country of Moldova itself has a rich and colorful culture and historical background that dates back to the early Roman colonization in the 2nd century.

Because of this, Moldova ladies are highly in demand in the dating scene and if you’re fortunate enough to meet one, don’t waste the opportunity, especially if she gave you her details like her number.

However, the problem now lies with what to say to a girl you just met. Giving you her details may mean she’s interested but the question now is how to keep that interest and initiate a conversation that might lead to something more.

To help you out with this dilemma, here are some tips and examples of how to text a girl you just met so she replies.

Moldova women

Tips to Get Her to Text You Back

  • Don’t panic.

The first thing you should do is to keep calm and not panic. After all, your Moldova beauty may seem like a goddess but she’s a regular person like you so there’s no need to panic or overthink things.

After all, it’s just a message and if you want her to respond positively to your attempts at initiating a conversation, then you need to relax and be yourself.

While a text might not be as engaging as talking in real life since most of the communication is done via non-verbal cues, it’s still vital that you relax and remain yourself even if she can’t see you as this will help you compose a more natural massage which will leave a good impression on her.

  • Be respectful.

Moldovian girls still tend to lean more towards tradition so being respectful is vital when contacting them. Even if they’re not as traditional, practicing respect when initiating a conversation with the girl you’re interested in can go a long way to ensuring she replies back.

Being respectful entails not texting her anything sexual. After all, you just met and no matter how confident you’re feeling in the moment, sending someone you just met sexual messages is always considered inappropriate.

  • Don’t immediately ask her out.

Even if you met on Moldova dating sites, asking her out immediately after you just met might end up turning her off and leaving a bad impression on her. Instead, focus on building a rapport first and keep a conversation going until it transitions to your intention.

This doesn’t mean you have to wait days before asking her out but talking to her for a bit before you do so can make things become smoother and feel more natural. After all, there’s no need to hurry even if you’re looking for Moldova brides.

  • Don’t wait for days to initiate a conversation.

While in some countries it’s ideal if you play it cool and wait before sending a message, if you’re going to engage in Moldova dating, it’s ideal if you send a message within 24 hours after she gave you her details.

Playing it cool and waiting days might end up backfiring on you because this might lead her to think that you’re not interested. After all, she wouldn’t have given you her details if she herself wasn’t interested.

Examples of What to Text Her

Since your main goal is to get her to text you back, you need to focus first on what your first message should say so that she’ll be compelled to text you back.

  1. Classic Message

The classic massage is a clear-cut and straight to the point but sweet enough message that can help jog her memory of your earlier interaction and initiate another conversation. While it’s not the most exciting message in the world, this can help convey your interest while getting your point across.

Ex. “Hi, it’s (your name). We met earlier at (meeting place). I had a great time talking to you.”

  1. Flirty Message

This is ideal if your initial interaction clearly involved some flirting. This can be a great way to catch her attention and get her to reply. You don’t have to be overly flirtatious with your message, subtle flirting would do to help start off the conversation on a positive note and show her your personality.

Ex. “Hey, it’s (your name). You know, that guy earlier who couldn’t stop staring at you today.”

  1. Complimentary Message

Paying her a compliment will go a long way in catching her attention and getting her to respond to you positively. However, don’t go with something superficial or general; go with something that shows you were truly paying attention – preferably something that goes beyond her physical appearance.

On the other hand, don’t go overboard and say she’s not like the others as this is less of a compliment and more of a dig at other women.

Ex. “Hi, it’s (your name). I was excited to go home after our conversation today and I wanted to let you know that your passion and dedication to your cause was really impressive.”

  1. Clever Messages

Another way to go is to start off with a funny joke that will definitely make her laugh. This is a great way to show her your personality as well as your interest without coming off as too intense. After all, you only just met and haven’t even begun dating yet so a lighthearted message can be a great way to start a conversation.

Ex. “Good day! This is an automated message from (your name). Please reply to YES to subscribe to future messages. Reply STOP if you wish to unsubscribe.”

  1. Continuing Where You Left Off

Picking up where you left off is another good way to ensure her reply. She might have given you her details because the conversation you were having was already great so continuing it is a great way to jog her memory and also ensure her reply.

Ex. “Hi, it’s (your name). I checked out the show you recommended and I’m hooked! Do you have any other recommendations?”

Final Thoughts

Messaging a girl you just met may be daunting and it can induce anxiety but if you keep calm and be yourself, you can ensure a smooth and natural interaction that will surely get her to reply. After all, even if you’re looking for Moldova women for marriage, you’ll still have to start somewhere.

Who knows? If things go well with your conversation, she might end up being the Moldovan girl for marriage you always hoped for. After all, they are pretty amazing.

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